Do you want to get to know more about some places? Get some advice about where to eat or drink? Want to travel? Want a tour guide? Want to know more about Chile? About the south? Relate to someone like yourself?

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As I told you before, I have worked as a tour guide at different agencies, but I never liked working for other people, so I decided to keep being a freelance guide, giving tours I consider are the most interesting and funny to have in the city I live: Santiago de Chile. Food, Architecture, Art, Parks, Markets, etc...

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Here you'll be able to see photos of my trips through Chile (especially the south), and hopefully the world.

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Finding Happiness


If you're as lost and unhappy as I have been, this may be the right blog for you. During this existential crisis I thought about studying a new and traditional career, maybe a technical thing that can lead me to have a monthly payment, a small flat, maybe something that can give me some money to be able to live with my boyfriend and pay Netflix, but not all of us are made to live like that. Some of us... just want to be nomads, I'm writing about the struggle, but I won't cry, I actually want to laugh about us a little, and maybe find an answer to solve this problem.

The path to "El Salto", Cascadas, Chile